Also known as Frequently Appearing People

L: The boyfriend.  He and I have been dating since February 2007.  I moved in with him 10 months later.  I love him so much and he is the most important thing in my life.  He really does take my breath away.  He’s a career firefighter for a large nearby city and a volunteer/part-time firefighter in the town we live in.  He hearts his job.  I do not heart his pager when it goes off at 2 a.m. though.

Shep & Dixie: These are our puppies.  Also referred to as the “puppies” (they answer to that as if it were their name) and the BTs.  Bad Things.  We treat them like children, although sometimes they can test our patience.  IE – eating numerous pairs of $50 flip flops.  They are brother and sister.  Shep is a black lab and Dixie is yellow.  We got them in January ’08 from a breeder in Georgia about a month after I moved in when they were just 6 weeks old.

CR: My college roommate.  We were roommates for three years in college and she is truly one of my very best friends.  She’s one of the only ones who will “tell me how it is” and put me in my place when I need it.  Her and her husband live about an hour and a half away which is sad, but we still see eachother as much as we can.  She currently works for the local community college and is going to grad school.

FKC: My best friends from college.  
         LM: one of my former roommates.  We lived together when I moved back to NC after graduating college.  She was also one of my sorority sisters.  She is now an elementary school teacher.
         E: one of my other former roommates.  She and LM are real life sisters.  She was also one of my sorority sisters.  She now works in the financial field.
         A: she moves around a lot as her husband is in the Air Force.  Currently the reside outside of San Francisco, which conveniently is not far from Napa and Sonoma making it a wonderful excuse to visit her and reserve a limo for 6 hours to go to all the vineyards.  Also one of my sorority sisters, she is now in the corporate world (her job kind of confuses me).
         KO: another one of my sorority sisters.  She joined the ranks of the FKC most recently.  She is now an elementary school teacher.

FLAVAS: my 3 best high school buddies.
         R: We’ve known eachother since third grade, although we can’t say we’ve actually been friends since then. 🙂  She now lives outside of D.C. and works for the government.  Watch out. 😉
         N: We’ve been friends since fifth grade/middle school, but got much closer toward the end of highschool.  She now lives in Virgina just outside of D.C. with her new fiance.  They’ll be getting married in CT in August 2009.  She works for the school system.
        M: We’ve been friends since highschool.  She now lives in Maryland not far from D.C. and is a middle school teacher.