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Today was a big day at work.  A very big day. 

Throughout my entire career (all 6 years of it), I’ve never been super happy with my work.  Never really felt satisfied.  Sure, here and there I had some good moments, but at my new job, I feel good most of the time.  Such a great improvement.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m working in-house now, rather than for an agency.  After my first job, I always thought that would be the route I wanted to take, but I got stuck in another agency because it was a good opportunity (or so I thought) at the time.

Anyway, I’m working on one specific project now.  Back in November, we started pitching some major national consumer magazines.  Southern Living, Woman’s Day, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.  If you’re not familiar, magazines, especially large magazines like these, work on very long lead times.  Anywhere from 6 months to a year.  So all this work we were doing was in the hopes that they would be interested in the story for an April or May issue, because it’s the best timing for the project. 

We’ve been calling and emailing and been getting no where.  The story is a perfect item for the “news brief” sections that a lot of these magazines have.  (This is hard to explain without telling you about the project.  Although I’m not very anonymous on here, I don’t want to reveal my employer)

We’re not asking for a lot.  I want them to list one thing fr0m our project and I’d be happy with them just crediting us in the caption – though if they wanted to include a blurb about our work, that would be ideal.

This week we started a final push.  I made several calls today, and everyone thinks the project is interesting, but they only want to feature the ultimate outcome of our project, which is about 5 years out, and don’t feel like they can fit the current activities anywhere.

My colleagues has had the same luck, and our boss is so surprised (as we all are) that no one has bitten.

I picked up the phone and called another editor, expecting to get turned down or another voicemail.  When she picked up, I introduced myself and where I was from and gave my brief intro on the project – like I always do.  And then she said “I’m sorry, can I stop you?” – like so many do.  Damnit.

“I believe we’re planning on including this in the May issue.  Check with XX, who coordinates that section.”

I’m sorry, WHAT?!

She gave me the other editors contact info and I thanked her.  I made the next call to another nice woman who confirmed that, yes, our project would be included in the May issue (barring any editorial cuts). 

HELL F-ING YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Not only that, they are including the item we want them to include, a photo AND a blurb about the project.  This could not have been more perfect!

The magazine?  Family Circle.  Circulation? 3.8 million.  YES!

I got off the phone and immediately went to tell my boss, who let out a loud “WAHOO!” while waving her arms in the air. 

Though it will look small in print, this is by far one of the biggest hits I’ve had.

Sure, I’ve had items in the NY Post, NY Daily News and some major trade publications.  But from a circulation standpoint – this is my biggest.  And the fact that my boss was actually excited, that’s just the icing on the cake.  Not that she wouldn’t be, but I’ve worked for people who would have just brushed it off – even though we haven’t had any luck up until now.

She’s so excited, in fact, that after I left her office, she sent an email to our team saying we need to go out to lunch next week to celebrate!  So fun.

This was a huge achievement and it makes me feel good. 

Oh, and you better believe that I’m going to buy like 6 gazillion copies of the magazine when it comes out – and it will have a spot right up front in my portfolio.


Well, hello blog world.  Are you still there?  I’ve somewhat ignored this little space of mine.  I either haven’t had much to say, or I just plain didn’t feel like writing.  How could that be since I have no job?  I don’t know.  It’s weird.  Sometimes I have trouble mustering up the motivation for things.  Like how I’ve looked at the pile of clean laundry grow larger and larger, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to fold it and put it away.  Or all the projects I have come up with to work on now that I have all this free time, yet, I just haven’t done them.  I know that I’ll eventually get a job (I will right?  Because I’m starting to worry) and I won’t have ALL this time anymore and I’ll be mad at myself for not doing it.

So what have I been doing?  Eh, not a whole lot.  I still spend a lot of time taking the puppies to the dog park.  Sometimes we’ll spend 3 hours there.  I know I could spend some of that time doing these projects I’ve come up with, but I just love taking them and watching them play.  Plus it’s so good for them to get the exercise.  We go almost every day.  Not always for three hours, but we do do that often.  It kind of depends on the weather and how many dogs are there and how much they’re playing.  Over the last two weeks though, every single day we go at least one, sometimes more, person has asked me if Shep is a puppy.  I just laugh and tell them that no, he’s not.  He’s almost two years old.  The question usually comes when he “kneels” down on his front two paws with his butt in the air, tail wagging wildly, jumping and twisting around and barking.  He’s quite a site.

We finally spoke with L’s uncle’s vet about Shep’s eye.  He says he thinks we should wait before we take his eye out.  His gut feeling is that the tumor won’t grow beyond his skull, but it might be a good idea to get an ultrasound to use as a baseline for down the road.  Also, he thinks we should have been advised to do that in the very beginning.  I’m not too happy with our opthamologist.  I think that he based a lot of his advice on the fact that we mentioned we didn’t have a lot of money to spend.  But what we met was that, we might not be able to pay for a $2500 treatment that day, but if it’s necessary, we can save our money and do it at a point in the future.  You know what I mean?  Anyway, we may go back or we may go to an opthamologist in Raleigh that works with NC State University’s Vetrinary School that was recommended by L’s uncle’s vet.

In other doggy eye news, he’s got this weird white/greenish gunk coming out of his eye.  I think it might be infected, so we’re trying to get him in this week to be looked at.  My poor puppy.

L surprised me with tickets to A Chorus Line on Saturday night.  I had mentioned that I wanted to go and then I just never bought the tickets, but he did.  It was a great show and a wonderful night together.

We’ve worked on the yard.  A lot!  We spend all day Saturday dethatching, aerating, watering, etc.  Hopefully we’ll actually be able to grow grass this year.  We’ve have a lot more wood to build the fence with and will be working on that too.  It was important to get the grass worked on so L could put seed down before it gets too cold.

Let’s see, what else?

L was at work last night and our friend had to come over when I heard a noise.  It sounded like something fell in the laundry room.  Even though the puppies didn’t budge, it still scared me.  I called L and he stayed on the phone with me while I checked the laundry room, garage and porch and found nothing.  While I was standing in the laundry room, I heard another noise that sounded like it was coming from underneath the house.  It was probably just Shep flopping down on the floor, but then I remembered we never locked the door to the crawl space the day before.  I freaked out so L had our friend come over and check it out.  And he didn’t even make fun of me. 🙂  Not to my face at least.

This same friend lives in a really nice neighborhood around the corner from us.  He and L worked together today in town and I went to lunch with them.  They stopped by his house first and L walked into the house across from him that the developer foreclosed on and told me all about it.  It sounded beautiful (plus I know how nice or friend’s house is, so I figured it had to be similar).  L took me over there after lunch and oh my God, I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is a steal, too.  Still more than we could afford, but both our friend and L said that it would be worth lowballing them for a better price bc they likely just want to get it off their hands.  It would be an awesome investment too since they are selling if for about $120,000 LESS than what it’s worth.

I want it.  No, like, I REALLY want it.  L said that he wants to just throw an offer out to them.  And I hate when he says stuff like that because he never acts on it, but it gets my  hopes up.  I mean, the liklihood of them accepting what we would be able to offer is slim, but it’s still the excitement of doing it. 

The house is unfinished and our friend was suggesting to put in the offer that they could leave things out, like carpeting, etc. to help.  I would love it if we could even look into it more, but I’m trying my best not to get my hopes up, because this is the one thing that L doesn’t really come through on.  He talks a lot of talk about it, but rarely does anything.  Perhaps this is why I’m bad at window shopping in general.

But if we were across the street from our friend – it’s a whole lot closer for him when I hear a strange noise 😉

We’ve got lots of stuff going on this October (also, how is it October already?).  L’s birthday is coming up which means a trip to his parent’s house and the state fair which I’m pretty excited about. 

We’re running two 5ks this month.  My very first.  We were only going to do one, but they just scheduled one on my college campus, so I really want to do that too.

Speaking of running, I’ve run 4 miles.  At one time.  Without stopping.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  It takes me awhile to do it, but I’m not going for time.  I just want to do it.

I booked a hotel room for the Cooper River Bridge Run which is March 27.  They are very expensive that weekend and I’m afraid of them selling out, so I just went ahead and got one.  🙂

I guess that’s it.  I’ll try to post a little more frequently.  As I try to get more motivation for toher stuff in life too!

I hardly ever use my check book.  I couldn’t even tell you the last time I broke it out.  I just have no need for it on a regular basis.  I pay all my bills online and that’s about it.  But there is that time every now and then when I need it.  And now is one of them.  And I just can’t freakin find it!

I looked for it a couple weeks ago when I needed to write a check to cover my health insurance premium to make sure my coverage remained intact since I was laid off.  I was quite unsuccessful, but luckily I just transferred some money to my mom and she wrote the check for me (I feel like such a child saying that).

But now I need it to set up a direct deposit.  No, I haven’t gotten a job, but fortunatley you can now have your unemployment benefits directly deposited into your checking account.  So obviously, I need my own check. 

I’m not at a complete loss though.  If you don’t set up a direct deposit, they send you a special debit card that you can use.  I was a little worried that this debit card was going to scream “Hi! I’m unemployed!”  But luckily, it doesn’t.  I guess if you know what the debit cards look like, you would know, but if you don’t, it’s pretty inconspicuous.  Just a regular Master Card debit card that has a picture of a cardinal and says North Carolina across the top in pretty writing.

Ok.  The debit card idea is fine and I got it today so for the first time I finally have access to my funds.  It will just be so much easier to have it in my regualr account which is why I have to find that damn checkbook.

But I do have one issue with their little debit card program.  You are charged the usual ATM surcharges unless you use a Wachovia ATM.  No biggie, they’re all over the place since they are headquartered in Charlotte.  However, you can only get TWO free ATM withdrawls PER MONTH.  Even if it is at Wachovia.  After that, it’s $1.50 per withdrawl.  I know that’s an average ATM fee, but seriously, you only get TWO per month?!  This is for people who are UNEMPLOYED.  Every penny counts. 

I don’t even get cash out of the ATM that often, but it still annoys me.  Maybe it’s to deter people from spending the money on lottery tickets and such.  But still.  What about people with kids who might need money for school and all.  Anyway.  That’s just me.  I find it annoying and greedy.

Moving on…  off to turn the house upside down looking for my check book.

I still get all the gossip from my old workplace.  And it just keeps getting better and better.  A few weeks ago I found out they all got a 10% pay cut.  Then one of my friends gave her notice and is taking on a full-time position at a part-time job she’s had.  And today I saw an interesting facebook status message about lots of arguing going on in the office this morning.  When I inquired, my friend told me about this huge argument that started between an account manager, the boss and a vp in the hallway where it lasted for almost an hour before they moved into the boss’ office for another hour and counting.

The interesting part about all of this is the account manager.  He is not one to argue loudly.  Or argue at all, really.  He is an incredibly smart guy, but he’s pretty laid back.  He makes it known when he doesn’t agree with something, but often times will just let it go if people are being stubborn.

While chatting back and forth with my friend about this, she sends me another message saying that she just found out that one of our other friends was laid off via a letter in the mail.  Yes, in the mail.  This week was her last week of maternity leave.  I can’t believe he has done this.  I didn’t even think that was legal, but the friend I was getting all this info from was one of the other women that just had a baby.  She said that since our office has less than 50 people, it’s easier to get away with stuff like that.  However, if this woman chose to sue because of this, she probably could.  And I hope she does.

Maybe it’s better that I’m gone.  Although I would definitely love the paycheck, I know that the morale there is terrible and life would be a living hell every day. At least I have my sanity.

Wow.  So it’s been awhile since I posted.  But frankly, when one doesn’t have a job,  I just don’t always have a lot to say.  I will say though that I’ve been able to fill up my days better than I thought I would and some other exciting things have happened too (no, L has not proposed).

– L and I booked a trip to Cabo for next July!  Yes, the girl without a job just booked a 8 day/7 night trip to Cabo at a 4 star all-inclusive resort.  Actually, this trip has been in the works for 3 years now.  My friend LM once said that if she wasn’t seriously dating someone by her 30th birthday, that we were all going to go to Cabo to celebrate her birthday in lieu of a bachelorette party.  Well, a year from next month, LM will be turning 30, and since no boyfriend is in the picture, we’re packing our bags.  But frankly, I pretty sure we would have gone anyway.  At first it was just a girls trip, but then she invited boyfriends/husbands as well.  Invitations went out and the estimated cost was between $1500 and 2000 including airfare.  Yes, meals and even alcohol are included as well, but still, that is a lot of money!   Then two weeks later I lost my job.  L said he wasn’t going if it was that expensive and he would help me pay my way since we’ve been planning this for so long.  Well, LM went to actually book the trip and we got an amazing deal – this trip, including everything is no longer $2000 – but a mere $900.  Whoa!  So excited.  And L is coming too!

– And since we’ll be spending a week by the pool, we’ve got to get in shape (and you know, maybe something else will be next year too that we will want to look our best for).  So L and I have started working out at the gym at the vol FD.  The crazy thing?  I actually enjoy it and look forward to it.  Wow.  Never thought I’d say that.

-The other day it was so nice out, we had a cool spell and I just wanted to be outside.  Rather than working out at the gym, we decided to go run outside.  Oh yeah.  Remember that?  How I was going to try to run?  Well, that kind of fell by the wayside when it was like 95+ degrees everyday.  You know what else happened that day?  I ran a WHOLE mile.  Without stopping.  Yes, yes.  A mile is not much.  But to me, it is HUGE.  Never before have I done this.  Don’t get me wrong, the end was painful and I’m sure I was a sight to see, but I still did it.  For the first half of the run, it actually felt GOOD.  And I thought to myself, ohhh, this is why people do it.  I really think the working out L and I have been doing has helped a lot. 

-I still want to do the Cooper River Bridge Run in April and have a long way to go, but I’ve decided I need smaller goals in between.  On Halloween morning, we’ll be doing a 5K around the airport and part of it is even on one of the runways.  And in December we’ll be doing another one.

– And what’s crazier – yesterday I ran a mile AGAIN.  By myself.  I didn’t even have L there to push me.  Very early on I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I just kept pushing myself.  It was incredible.

-In other news, I’ve taken the puppies to the park a lot, I’ve been doing other On Demand workouts and I’ve been searching for a job.

-I’ve found lots of jobs to apply for, but just haven’t really gotten anywhere with them.  I just want an interview!  Fingers crossed I’ll find something soon.

-L ended up with next Friday-Sunday completely off work.  I’m crossing my fingers that his parent’s beach condo is available and we can go.  We haven’t been to the beach since June and I’m itching to put my toes in the sand.

-And that’s about it!

3 years ago today, my and my mom’s cars were packed solid with all of my stuff and we hit the road.  After many, many months of anticipation, I was finally moving back to Charlotte. 

I’m so glad that I came back.  I still miss some things about living in CT like being able to go to the beach at a moment’s notice, or the proximity to NYC – but I wouldn’t change this for the world.

I also moved back without having a job in place and very little in savings.  And I got a job within a week and a half.  Maybe it will be similar with this new job search. 🙂

Anyway, here’s to me and the Charlotte area (since I don’t actually live in Charlotte anymore)!

*Recap from our great trip to CT coming soon!

So I’ve officially been out of work for about 2 1/2 days now.  And, um, I’m starting to run out of things to do.  I don’t want to waste my days sleeping/being lazy, so I get up around 7:45/8 and get dressed and ready for the day.  Monday I searched online for jobs for a while, I did some grocery shopping, stopped at Marshall’s to window shop, took the puppies for a walk and cleaned the house top to bottom.  And that was it.  And you know what?  It didn’t take up the entire day.  Not to mention, L was working so I didn’t even have him home or coming home from his part-time job to break it up. 

Yesterday, I tried a workout on on-demand that sort of kicked my butt, looked for more jobs, ran to the bank, and folded a month’s worth of clothes and put them away.  L had a promotional test in the morning, then went to lunch with some of his co-workers and ran some errands.  When he got home, it was a nice break.

Today, I met him at the fire station in town so we could drop  my car off for an oil change, gave the puppies a bath and got dressed.  We’re leaving for CT tomorrow morning so I still need to pack and clean out my car so it’s nice and sparkly for the drive tomorrow.  I’ll look for jobs again in awhile, but then that’s it.  L is working at his full-time job tonight, so it’s another day of just me and the puppies.

I’m not sure what I’ll do once we get back from CT.  I’m trying to come up with little projects to do around the house and space them out so I don’t do them all at once!

In other news, we’ll be on our way to CT in less than 24 hours and L hasn’t asked me any huge important question. 😦  When I ruined the whole Savannah thing, he told me it would be before we went to CT, but it never happened.  We thought about going to the beach the weekend before last.  Kind of a last minute idea, but L told me that he’d rather hang out around the house.  I thought maybe it was going to be that weekend since he hardly ever turns down a trip to the beach.  Maybe he had something planned.  But the weekend came and went and nothing happened.  Then I thought it would be this past weekend.  But as I thought about it more, I didn’t think he would do it then.  He told me he had planned to study for his promotional exam all weekend.  Saturday we actually ended up working on our fence (yay!) and then we went to a friend’s birthday party.  Sunday, maybe?  Well, since he didn’t study on Saturday, I knew he would need to study on Sunday.  And that he did.  All day long.  Monday, as I noted, he worked.  When I talked to him that night I asked if he was coming home after his test on Tuesday or if he had other stuff going on.  That’s when he told me he was having lunch with the guys and then running errands.  But he wouldn’t specify what kind of errands he was running.  I thought maybe he was going to do it last night.  Then when he got home, he told me how he wasn’t going to an FD thing that he had been planning to go to.  Then I thought maybe it really was going to happen.  Then he went and cut the grass and did some stuff for work.  And, of course, it never happened.

He keeps telling me that he has something planned.  And that I just need to be patient.  And I know that I need to be patient.  But I just want it so bad.  And I don’t know if he decided not to ask me before we went to CT because he thought I would be expecting it or what.  But it’s just disappointing I guess. I know I probably sound like the  biggest brat in the world, but I can’t help it.  We’ve been talking seriously about getting married for almost 2 years now.  And it just keeps getting pushed back.  He said this to me the other day.  In a really cute and sweet way: I’m not trying to upset you or stir anything up, but I really, really wanted to do it in Savannah.

So, I know that he wants to do it, but.  I don’t know.  I don’t know what I think.  I’m just so ready to start that next part of my life with him and I want it to start now.

But, in anycase.  We’ll be in CT all weekend and won’t be back till Tuesday night – so I probably won’t be posting till then.  It will be good to get away for a few days – and L even got tickets to the Yankees/Red Sox game on Friday. 🙂

Friday afternoon at about 2:30, my boss called me, and in a very chipper and upbeat tone, he asked me if I had a moment to stop by his office.  When I walked in he was on the phone with another colleague, so I sat down and waited.  He finished the call and got up while simultaneously greeting me in a happy manner that matched his phone call to me.  He walked over toward the door and that’s when the color left my face.  Based on what he said in our staff meeting earlier that day about the company’s financial situation, I knew he wasn’t closing the door to tell me I was getting a raise.

He continued to tell me he had bad news and right off the bat told me that he was laying me off.  I didn’t even know what to say or do.  I just sat there clenching my teeth hoping that the tears welling in my eyes would not start streaming down my cheeks. 

He assured me that it had absolutely nothing to do with my performance and that it was merely an issue of numbers.  Our monthly billings are over $120,000 less than this time last year.  This issue is something that the company has been dealing with for quite some time.  More talk about how he had to make cuts somewhere otherwise the entire company would start going down.  He reminded me that the client I worked on while my colleague was on maternity leave had glowing remarks about my performance during that time.  He had already spoken with that colleague of mine and told me how she fought for my job and how this was not an easy decision for him to make. 

I said very little during this whole event.  I had so many things just spinning around in my head that I couldn’t put any of them together.

His extremely generous (note sarcasm) severence package?  Two week’s pay and he’ll continue my health insurance through the end of August.  I mean, yes, I am appreciative of that, but still. 

He told me that he would be happy to give wonderful recomendations for me and would talk to some people in the industry that he knows.  I know he would give good recs for me, but I am doubtful about him talking to others – he forgets things easily, but perhaps I can send him an email in a few weeks if I haven’t heard anything from him.

He shook my hand an thanked me for all my hard work.  I left, went back and sat at the desk for two minutes and then walked directly into my colleagues office, closed the door and cried.  She told me how hard she fought for me.  How mad she was about this decision.  How it’s ridiculous that he is getting rid of the co-account manager on the most profitable client in the office. 

I took an hour to clean up my desk, pass along things that I needed to and her and I left at 3:30 to go to a bar for a couple of beers.  I only spoke with two other co-workers before I left.  I just had to get out of there.  I emailed everyone else, most of who were probably clueless until they saw my email.

At the bar, we continued to talk about how ridiculous htis was.  There were other things he could have done before this.  He could have frozen my 401k benefits, he could have reduced my salary.  Heck, he could have frozen 401k benefits or asked the entire staff to take a 5% paycut across the board.  I can pretty much guarantee that my salary isn’t enough to save the company from the situation it is in right now.

Also, how about my colleague who took me to the bar is the only account manager that has been there longer than me.  If this wasn’t performance-based, then why was I the one to go when I have been there for almost three years?  What about the account manager that started 4 weeks ago?  Why couldn’t I take his account and him have to leave?  He doesn’t have any specific background in his client’s industry, so he has no leg up on me.  Ugh.  Of course, these are all the things I thought about after I left.

In the meantime, it wasn’t more than 30 minutes after I talked to my colleague that she emailed someone she knows asking if she had anything.  She was unspecific, but asked for my resume.  My boss doesn’t want to tell our biggest client the truth about my lay off.  He wants to spin this positively to the client, but my colleague refuses.  She’s telling them the truth, and will ask them to keep an ear out for me.  We’re both pretty sure that the client will be unhappy about this change.  This means the client is going from two people working on them, to one person.  How is that positive?

I’ll file for unemployment, and everything will be ok.  I hope.  L promises we’ll be able to make it work.  That maybe this is a good thing because I’ve been wanting to get out for so long now.

… that I hate my job?

Because I do.

A lot.

And if jobs weren’t so hard to come by, I would get up and walk out of here right now.

– On Sunday, I was really worried about this work week.  Mostly because it was going to be a full five days for me.  You see, the last three weeks, I have only worked 3 or 4 days because of vacation and holidays.  Thankfully, it didn’t go by as slowly as I thought it was going to.

– Last night I went the the monthly business meeting for the volunteer FD.  These meetings can  be kind of entertaining when the discussions get heated.  There is lots of drama and things wrong in this department.  Really.  Men always say that women have drama, but we’ve got nothing on these (mostly) guys.  The main problem is that they make rules and don’t stick to them.  I have mentioned this time and time again.  Last night was the perfect example.  They created a new weapons policy – in a nutshell, no weapons allowed on FD property unless you’re a police officer, etc.  This all came about because someone had their gun in the station the other day just messing around with it (cleaning or something, I mean).  This made come people uncomfortable because there are a few members that have a history of physical violence and are quick to fly off the handle.  Therefore, having a weapon accessible is not really a good idea.  You must remember that we live in the South and our town does have it’s own “back woods.”  A lot of the people got all upset saying they couldn’t prohibit that if they have a concealed carry permit – it can be prohibited if signs are posted.   They were mostly concerned with the fact that a lot of them keep guns in their car.  One guy even said that he probably had three in his truck last night.  So, the Board of Directors and the chief said, ‘just don’t bring them in the building.  I”m telling your right now, i”m not going to check your cars.”  Someone questioned that saying that the parking lot was FD property though, they again repeated, “As long as  you don’t bring it in the building, I’m not going to check your truck.  It’s fine if it’s in your truck.”  If that’s how it is going to be, fine.  Just don’t say it as part of a formal meeting.  While the entire meeting is being recorded.  The rules need to be followed.  This is just one example.

– Shep has something wrong with his paw.  He has been limping ever since we picked him up from camp two weekends ago.  We thought it would go away, because he often limps after he plays a lot, but it hasn’t.  We’ve determined that it is his paw, one toe in particular, and not his leg.  I mean, he limps really bad.  But he still plays with Dixie.  I almost wonder if he does it for sympathy.  Just kidding.  He won’t let L even go near one of his toes.  I’ve been giving him some children’s Tylenol, but I don’t know if it’s helping.  I just wish he could talk.  L might take him to the vet next week if he doesn’t show any improvement.  I almost wonder if it is a broken toe, and like a human, there’s not much you can do about it.  But we’ll see.  Our poor little Shep-dog.

-Speaking of Shep, we’ve got about half of the money for his eye surgery saved.  I think we’re going to try and save a little bit more and then move forward and put the balance on a credit card. That was the original plan, at least. 

– I’ve recently been thinking about selling three of my Lilly Pulitzer dresses online.  They have been sitting in my closet for two years and each of them has only been worn one time for a few hours to a couple different bridal showers.  They don’t fit anymore because I bought them in my skinny days.  I know that I could get at least $100 each on ebay for them – and that would be $300 I could put toward shep’s surgery, or my credit card, or in savings.  But then I think, they would be so pretty to wear to a bridal shower of my own.  And there’s no way I”m letting my self stay this size for our wedding and that once I sell them, I don’t have the money to replace them – so maybe I should wait.  I’m just not sure.  I’m still throwing the idea around.

– My coworker returns from maternity leave on Wednesday.  I am SO. EXCITED.  It would probably be inappropriate of me to fill her office with balloons, right?  Because I’m assuming that she’ll be sad about dropping her little one off at daycare for the first time, but I am definitely excited.

Happy Weekend!

There is this one woman in my office that I can not stand.  I’m sure I’ve talked about her before on here.  I’m not the only one that feels this dislike toward.  Every other person in the office does as well.  Literally.  Every. Single. Person.  Except our boss/owner.  He thinks that she is God’s gift to the world.  And she thinks that she is better than everyone else.  But really she is one of the most inefficient people here.  Anyway…

She is going on a business trip and is leaving in a little while.  She is going with our new employee that just started about 2 weeks ago, however they are driving separately.

They are going to Charleston, SC, which is about 3 1/2 – 4 hours from where we are.  The guy’s fiance just got here because they are going to make a trip out of it and stay the rest of the weekend.  He walks by WWW’s (wicked witch of the west) office to see if there is anything additional that she wants him to bring.  No, but she wants to know if he printed out directions.  Yes, he says.  She asks him to go make a copy of them so she doesn’t have to bother looking them up herself.


He had to walk back to his desk, then back past her office to the copy machine and then back to her.  I have a problem with people who make annoying requests like that. 

Getting to Charleston is pretty easy from Charlotte.  And for someone who has lived here most of her life, she should really know the gist of getting there.  Once in Charleston, it’s not a terribly hard city to navigate.  I really don’t understand why it was so difficult for her to just pop in the address into google maps or mapquest.

I just sat at my desk and shook my head during the entire exchance.  Knowing more details about how she is and how terribly she interacts with all the rest of the employees would probably help you understand why this annoyed me so much – but you get the idea.

I found another job to apply for to sounds like something I would really love to do.  I just opened my resume to tweak it a little.  I went through and added a couple of things to my job descriptions and then I went to the bottom where I have extra curricular activities listed.  I pushed the mention of my sorority down a couple of lines, and above it I wrote:

[Name of our town] Volunteer Fire Department
Auxiliary Support Team member – help plan, coordinate and execute department events, including…

According to Word, I spelled everything wrong except ‘department’ and ‘help.’ Interesting.  When I right-click to look at spelling suggestions (even though I already know everything is spelled correctly), everything listed seems to be in a different language. 

I don’t even know what happened, all I’ve done is type! 


This weekend turned out to be really nice.  Our office suprisingly closed at 3 on Thursday, which was very nice!  I headed home and continued to work on the banners I was doing for the Volunteer FD’s 4th of July parade “float.”  L and I had a quick dinner and then he headed to training while I went and purchased MORE blue glitter for the signs.  I then worked on them until midnight and was still not done.

We had plans to actually put fence posts in the ground Friday, but I had to get these posters done since we were decorating the float at 2.  I finally finished at 1:45.  Spent a couple hours decorating and hanging out and then went home to shower and change and then headed to LM’s housewarming party.

I was sad about not getting to put the fence posts in.  You know, since L cleared the land last AUGUST.  Oh well, hopefully we’ll be able to do them next weekend.

LM’s party was fun and we stayed till about 1, which made getting up early the next morning for the parade tough.

We left the fire station at 8:30 to go get in line and hung out till 10 when it started.  The parade route is really small, but it was fun nonetheless.  We had great weather – sunny and warm, but not too warm.

I would show you pictures of my signs, but I would have to black out a huge portion of it that includes our town’s name (although, I’m sure I’ve slipped up and left it in some picture on this blog at some point) and I just don’t feel like doing that.

After the parade, L and I just hung around the house and then headed back up to the fire station around 6 for an impromtu cookout before the fireworks in town.

Yesterday, L worked so I took the opportunity to sleep in way later than I have slept in a long time, cleaned the house and took the puppies to the dog park.  Ever since Shep came  back from camp last weekend he has been limping.  He always limps after he plays a lot, and I just chalked it up to him getting hurt when he was younger and it just getting sore.  He was limping a lot at the dog park and I wonder if he injured himself at camp.  I gave him to children’s tylenol – although I have no idea if it helped or not since he obviously can’t talk!  I guess we’ll just keep an eye on it.

Hope everyone else had a nice 4th too!

I’ve been a little MIA lately.  Sorry about that.  Work was really, insanely, ridiculously busy last week and I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide there until my co-worker returns from maternity leave (current countdown is at 5 weeks).

So what else has been going on?  Let’s see…

L and I went to the Brad Paisley concert the weekend before last.  It had rained all day, but fortunately tapered off and only sprinkled on and off during the concert.  But it did rain while we waited in line at Will Call – which took us over an hour!  Yes, over an our.  It was beyond ridiculous.  I’ve never had to pick my tickets up at will call when we go to this venue.  We always do the ‘print at home’ option.  But when we bought our tickets (on two separate days), you weren’t able to select that.  Your only choices were will call or to pay another $15 to have them FedExed to you.  Personally, I thought that I was already paying enough fees considering my $25 ticket came to a grand total of $39.  Strangely, my friend who we met inside bought her ticket two days before the show and was able to print it.  Grr.  When we finally made it to the ticket window, we were met with one of the rudest people I have ever encountered in my whole life.  Yes, I’m sure she was getting complaints from everyone who got to her window, but there was absolutely no reason for her to act the way she did.

We missed the two opening acts who we actually really wanted to see, but at least we could sort of hear them from the line.  Once inside, the concert was absolutely great and we had a wonderful time (minus the $10 beer).

Trying to look mad about waiting an hour in line – except, I kind of look like a duck

CR and I once we finally made it inside

L has been working on Saturdays lately and I normally take this time to clean the house, etc.  Except I haven’t.  I have been lazy and loving it.  But we still go to the dog park for a few hours and the puppies love it.

When L and I took them recently, they found a HUGE mud puddle as soon as we walked in.  There are always two big mud holes and a few weeks ago we saw a dog roll around in one, but the puppies have only ever run through it very quickly.  Some people get so finicky when their dogs do it.  I, however, think it’s hilarious. 

So they found this mud hole.  And they were jumping and running and romping, and yes, rolling!  A bunch of other dogs saw them and joined in and at first we thought their owners were going to get mad at us for drawing attention to the new swimming area, but no one did.

You can see Shep looking to see if anyone is coming then running back to the mud hole and plopping in it like, “mine! all mine!”

Dixie – post mud hole.  She didn’t even look like herself

Luckily there is a water spicket that has a short hose attached so we were able to rinse them off and they could continue playing.  They had a grand time!

After trying to get him to do it for weeks, maybe months, Shep finally layed down in the puppy swimming pool.  At first he wouldn’t even go in it.  Then he would go in, but would just dig at the bottom.  Finally he laid down and now he loves it.


Dixie still wants nothing to do with it.  Don’t they know they’re water dogs?!

Last Friday, we went to see LM’s new house and go out for drinks.  It’s a cute place and much closer to us than I thought when I looked at google maps.  We had a good time.  It was fun to hang out with everyone and we stayed up till 2:30.  Which frankly, is a really late night for all of us these days.

There was more dog park and more lounging around.  I watched 5 hours of Gilmore Girls reruns on Saturday.  I told you, I’ve been lazy.  But now it’s back to reality.

We’re going to the beach this weekend.  For a LONG weekend.  We’re leaving Friday morning and coming back Monday evening.  Oh.  And people are coming with us!  L and I, CR and her husband, LM, E, A is flying in from California and A’s college roommate who we’re all friendly with.  I’m very excited.

But since everyone is meeting at our house before we leave, I need to make up for the past 2-3 weeks that I haven’t cleaned.  That is on schedule for tonight.  Last night, I spent 4 hours folding laundry.  We’ve had a really bad habit of just dumping the clean laundry in one of the spare bedrooms.  First it was just one laundry basket.  Then two.  Then we just kept piling on top of that.  Every time you wanted soemthing to wear you had to to through this massive pile.  And it’s been there for awhile.  Because I found sweaters at the bottom.   Yikes. 

Anyway, everything is folded.  Even all of L’s 4 million fire department tshirts.  And everything is put away except for the stuff that goes on hangers, but really, that’s the easier part.  It’s nice to actually be able to see the floor in that room again.

I’ve already created my packing list, so that I can pack tomorrow night, and then I will pack up L’s truck tomorrow night as well.  We’ve decided to take his truck down, even though my car gets way better gas mileage, so that we don’t have to cram stuff in and so we can bring the cornhole too.  He has to work Thursday, so we’ll switch cars that day, I’ll pack his car that night and we’ll be ready.

A’s flight gets in at 6am on Friday.  E and A’s old roomie (J) will pick her up at the airport and everyone will come directly to our house where we will patiently wait for L to get home.

He’s going to ask one of the guys who relieves him at work if they could come a little early so he can be home by 8.  He’ll park my car in the garage, jump in the truck and we’ll be hitting the road.

I am so ready for a vacation.  Especially to the beach.  I have been dying to go and we haven’t been since March.  Better yet, I checked the weather yesterday and (knock on wood) it’s supposed to be perfect!

A  nice little treat to go with this… everyone is going back Sunday afternoon except us.  So we still get some time to enjoy a vacation by ourselves (and the puppies too!).

I think that pretty much covers things.  This is probably the most random and incoherent post ever.  My apologies. 🙂

L and I got back from Savannah last night.  Oh, it was such a gorgous city!  I had absolutely no desire to leave.  We had a marvelous time and I can’t wait to tell you all about it and share some of our 643 photos (literally).

But.  Work is insane.  Again.  I happily ripped off the ’10’ on my countdown and am now looking at a lovely ‘9 weeks’ till my co-worker returns and this workload hopefully subsides a little.  I’ll try to post soon.

(oh, and in case you were wondering… there were no sparkley gifts received)

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