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Quite some time ago, probably around the summer of 2008, I was reading Weddingbee as a pre-engaged gal and found a post by one of the bees (perhaps it was Miss Pineapple – I can’t really remember) who had gotten a painting of her parent’s dog done as a wedding gift for them. Where did she find the artist? On Etsy. This was my first introduction to the website. I loved the painting and contacted the artist and had one done of our puppies for L for Christmas that year.

I soon realized that Etsy was an amazing place and have since ordered many things from different sellers. Earrings for Christmas gifts, custom-made jewelry for my bridesmaids to wear, my “something blue” for our wedding, amazing etched beer glasses  for groomsmen and Christmas gifts and so much more.

As I continued to read Weddingbee, still as a pre-engaged gal, I realized that a lot of the Bees made their own paper goods for their weddings. Hmm, I could do that! It would allow me to get things exactly how we wanted and perhaps save some money since I knew that when the time did come for us to get married, we would be working with a smaller budget. So I decided to start buying some tools (embossing heat gun, bone folder, paper cutter, etc.) so when wedding planning time came, they wouldn’t have to be taken out of our budget.

But I couldn’t be the crazy girl who bought stuff for her wedding before she was even engaged. (Clearly, obsessing over Weddingbee and other wedding blogs for more than a year before I was engaged did not make me that crazy girl) So I decided to set up my own Etsy shop and sell some items there so that the tools were actually for that and when wedding planning time came along, I coincidentally already had a lot of what I needed. I’m sneaky, huh? 😉

And so, Over A Paper Moon was born.

I started off with some embossed notecards – and even made two sales. Considering I didn’t do much to market my Etsy shop (aside from posting that link on the left side of my blog, which few people read), I didn’t think that was horrible. Then I got laid off and couldn’t really spend the money to buy more supplies. And then we got engaged. And well, all bets were off then. I did wedding planning pretty much 24/7.

But now, the planning is done. The wedding is over. We’re back from our honeymoon. And the holiday craziness is passed us. But I miss all the crafting I did for our wedding! I made EVERYTHING. Pocketfold invitations from scratch, our save the dates, a Swarovski crystal cake topper, programs that opened into fans, everything. I think it’s high time I get back to the Etsy world and maybe give this shop another go.

On Saturday, I spent a few hours making some Valentine’s Day cards and listed them in my shop. Take a look! And tell your friends. And have them tell their friends! 🙂 More will be coming soon. Since everyone that saw my work at the wedding told me I need to do this as a career. I plan on adding some invitations, cake toppers and other elements that got a lot of feedback from our wedding.

Let me know what you think – and if you are looking for anything specific – I’m always open to custom orders!


Visit my Etsy shop! Visit my Etsy shop for great stationary items. Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask and I'll do my best to create it for you.
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