Hi there.  I’m Kris, and this is, well, my place.  Here, briefly, are some things about me: 

  • I was born and raised in CT, flew south for college, joined a sorority, graduated, got a job in Manhattan straight out of school – my dream come true – realized it wasn’t my dream come true, packed up, moved back to North Carolina, lived with some of my best friends, continued my career as a publicist, met an amazing guy (he’s pretty much stolen my heart), moved in with him just outside of Charlotte – and here we are.
  • I love anything pink.  If it’s pink and green, that’s even better.
  • I want a puppy.  Now. I am obsessed with my and L’s new lab puppies – Dixie and Shep.
  • I want to be Southern, yet I refuse to give up many of my “Yankee” traits.
  • For example, I will never call a knit ski hat a “toboggan.”  Sorry.