More than two months ago I wrote a post telling you all (if there is anyone even reading this) that I was coming back.  I lied.  Big time.  And I’m sorry. 

Let’s have some bullet points to catch up as best we can, although I know I’ll miss lots of things since it’s been so long.

– as of today, there are 36 days until our wedding. THIRTY-SIX. DAYS.  Holy shit.  My plan of getting everything done ahead of time is slowly fading.  I’m still trying my best to make it happen, but our super long to do list is overwhelming at times.

– You may remember that we booked a trip to Cabo last year for LM’s 30th birthday.  As it turns out, all the boys backed out for various reason, but L was going to go with the rest of the girls anyway.  Then plane tickets were about $800 and we just couldn’t do two.  Or one, frankly.  Luckily I had some airline miles and purchased my ticket (direct both ways and first class coming back!  Why was it less miles than a coach ticket? Who knows, but I wasn’t complaining).  13 girls went and it was amazing.  We were all pretty depressed that it was over when we came back.  I’m sure L would have had a fun time, but it was definitely a girls trip.

Part of the group shopping in town one day

Our invitations went out the last week of June.  I wanted to send them out the week prior, but it just didn’t happen.  I made these babies from scratch and was so happy with the way they came out.  There are definitely some imperfections, but I’m sure few people will notice.  I blew my budget on printing costs though because when I called Kinkos to find out their price for color laser printing they misquoted me and I didn’t find out until I printed all 300 sheets one day.  I couldn’t do anything about it because I didn’t have the quote in writing.  Then I realized that our logo was off center and had to reprint parts of it.  Oh well, we love them.

Rather than using an inner envelope, we used these personalized oval tags to write out the informal names of everyone invited from the family

If anyone wants a tutorial, I’m glad to give one (and I promise I’ll post it in a timely manner, if you ask 🙂  I’m not going to lie, they were time consuming, but not all that hard.

One note… we used a post card for our RSVP to save on postage.  I’m just letting any detail oriented bride out there know that they only make one postcard stamp design for the entire year.  This year’s?  A polar bear.  Yup.  For the entire year.  It looks like the coca-cola bear, minus the coke.  We ended up going with it because that was the whole reason we chose the post card – it would have been easier to make a regular RSVP.  Just letting you all know.

– At one point, we took some more engagement photos with our photographer.  We’re a little disappointed with him because as it turns out, he’s not very creative and needs a lot of help.  L’s sister used him too for her wedding and they missed some key moments that would have made great photos.  Too bad photography was the one thing I wanted to splurge on and now we’re not happy.

One of the more creative shots

I’ll give credit after our wedding 🙂

– We went home to CT to get some baby pictures for a slide show and also had a shower for my family up there.  We got lots of great stuff including all of our ‘every day’ plates from Crate and Barrel. As it turns out, most of my family won’t be coming to the wedding which really bums me out.  And it’s not even for good reasons.  We have received very few ‘no’ rsvps and all of them except for two are my family, one is from the woman who did our premarital counseling and the other is a friend of both L and I, but was actually on L’s list.

– We also had a shower thrown by L’s family.  It was huge, around 50 people.  His mom wanted to make it into a “pre-rehearsal dinner” or “mini-wedding” so some of his family that we didn’t want to invite, but had to would feel like they were at the wedding and wouldn’t come.  That’s not what we wanted.  We didn’t want anything to overshadow the wedding.  There were some elements that we didn’t like, but overall it was nice.  We told her over and over again that we didn’t want dancing and she had loud music and a dance floor anyway.  Luckily no one actually danced.

– I had a makeup trial with a girl from my sorority who offered great prices, but I looked like a street walker when I was done.  Instead, I’m using the same girl L’s sister used.  More expensive, but worth every penny.  I would post the before and after photos, but I want it to be a surprise for L.

– I finally had a hair trial.  I was having a hard time finding someone since I don’t know the area where we’re having the wedding.  My makeup girl contacted a photographer she’s worked with a lot and got a name.  The girl did a great job and I’m excited.  I’ll save those photos for post-wedding too – or maybe just in a password protected post.

– let’s see, let’s see… what else?

– oh yes! my bachelorette party!  Five friends and I went to Savannah and had a great time.  My camera pooped out, so I don’t have any photos yet, I’m waiting to get them from everyone else.  Two of my friends from high school were not able to come and that made me really, really sad.  It was a smaller group, but a fun one, none the less.  Good Lord, I was even put on stage at the deuling piano bar.  I definitely wish I had had a few more drinks before that happened, but it was fun anyway.  Despite the fact that everyone said my face was the same color as my hot pink dress.

– We’re still trying to put our house on the market and had the realtor come over one day to do photos for the listing, but then it was too dark inside and we haven’t had her back yet.  L is debating waiting till after the wedding but I really dont want to do that because I spent so much time working on house stuff when I could have been working on wedding stuff and then I wouldn’t be so far behind now.  We’ll see what happens.

– I took my dress to be altered on Thursday.  It won’t be ready until Aug 23-25.  Yikes!  I’ve got faith in the lady though, she came highly recommended from my friend and she’s pretty reasonable too.  For a bustle and to recut the top (which requires removing beading, cutting it and then adding it back on), it will be $100.  Not too shabby.  I wasn’t sure she would be able to change the top at all, let alone for a price I could afford, and was so excited when she could. Now it is absolutely perfect and what I wanted.

– I think that’s about it for now!  Just more wedding, wedding, wedding!  I’m going to be damn bored after the wedding if I don’t have a job. Speaking of which, today marks the one year anniversary of that fateful day.  Although, I must admit, there were several months where I didn’t really look for a job as hard as I should have because planning our wedding was way more fun!