During the months I spent obsessively pouring over wedding blogs, reading every single one I could find casually reading a post on weddings here and there even though I wasn’t engaged, I became obsessed with the DIY factor.  It just seemed fun, even though so many of those posts ended with the author saying how the project seemed like a good idea at the beginning, but it quickly became overwhelming/tons of work/stressful/etc.  It also seemed appealing because I figured I could make some of the “nicer” things that we wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase outright.

I’ve been Weddingbee-free for 7 1/2 months now – and have successfully avoided most other wedding blogs, but I still think about all the fun things I could do. 

But then I thought that even though a lot of DIY projects save a lot of money, you still need a lot of tools to create them with.  And while a lot of people have those crafting tools already, I do not, and some of them aren’t cheap.  And since L and I will have a very small wedding budget, I thought that it would be convenient if I already had some of those tools before we got engaged – so that those costs didn’t come out of our budget.

But I knew L would think I was crazy if he found out that I was buying things related to a wedding before we’re even engaged.  So I tabled the idea.

Then one day last month I was perusing the Paper Source web site (not a wedding site, but I could sort of get my fix that way 😉 and I clicked on their call out for rubber stamps.  I know people are obsessed with stamping and I thought I could find out more about it.  Under their new arrivals section, I saw this:

fire truck
Image via paper-source.com

Then it clicked in my head.  What if I bought this stamp and embossed it on note cards (I learned about embossing through some of my other DIY reading) and then marketed to some of the people L knows through work.  Isn’t it perfect for a little boy’s birthday party or thank you notes or something of that sort?  If I was selling these things, then purchasing the tools wouldn’t just be for wedding-related things and then L couldn’t give me a hard time about it.  (Foolish me, he obviously saw right through my reasoning and makes fun of me anyway.)

I continued to peruse the stamps and saw they had just about all the different mascots for the sororities at my college.  It clicked again.  Emboss that on notecards and email the chapter presidents about them.  Perfect for recruitment and big/little sister gifts!

I made a few initial purchases.  The fire truck and a turtle stamp, 2 colors of ink and embossing powder and a few blank notecards. 

It didn’t stop there.  Armed with the weekly 40-50% off coupons for AC Moore, I slowly purchased some other necessities: a paper cutter, heat embossing gun, a bone folder, etc.

But how was I going to sell these?  I turned to one of my favorite websites:  Etsy.  And I’ve set up shop.

I practiced a bunch and I finally added items to my shop.  Not just the fire truck and turtle notecards, but other decorative notecards, wine tags, etc.  I plan to keep adding new things – so check back.  And I always welcome requests for stuff that I might not have listed yet.

So, take a look.  And tell your friends!