L and I have been together for about 2 1/2 years now and spend just about every free moment together – whether it’s just him and me or it is amongst friends or family.  Needless to say, we know each other quite well, so it’s not too often that he does or says something that completely surprises me.

He is your typical guys-guy, but he’s got a lot of heart.  We talk about our future about every two point five seconds.  Obviously we both want to get married and we talk about the family we will have one day.  “One day” being the key word.  Neither one of us feels ready to extend our family beyond the puppies any time soon, but we know that eventually, we will.

In the meantime though, he’s good around babies and kids.  The volunteer FD is crawling with them, and he’s just so natural around them.  Whether it’s making sure the little boy who is just learning to walk doesn’t trip, or it’s throwing all the kids into the pool for fun at a party we are at.

But still.  There are some things I don’t expect him to say or do.

He makes fun of me when I casually make references to things we can do at our wedding.  “So, I know I’m not supposed to be talking about this, but wouldn’t it be really cool if we did x,y,z at a big celebration we might be throwing sometime next year?” 

But then, he throws me for a loop.

Saturday night we had been at a friends house for a pool party/BBQ, one of the other girls there just announced she was pregnant a few weeks ago.  While L was playing with all the kids in the pool, I was sitting on the deck talking with a bunch of the other girls and catching up with the pregnant girl.

Yesterday on the way to lunch, I was bringing L up to speed on everything I had heard.  He asked me how far along that girl was now and I said I wasn’t sure, but her and her fiance (no shot gun wedding – it was planned before she was pregnant) are finding out the sex of the baby this week.

“I really like the cake idea,” he said.  “Yeah, me too,” I replied – not showing how surprised I was that he brought this up again.  “Like, if you had a party and then cut the cake and everyone found out at the same time,” he continued.  Again, shocked.

No idea what I’m talking about?

We were watching 18 Kids and Counting a few weeks ago – the show abou the Duggars on TLC.  L really is not a fan of this show, but for some reason, I’m addicted.  I usually save the DVR’d episodes for nights that he is working, but every now and then we watch it together.  The oldest son in the family was married a few months ago and he and his wife recently announced that they are expecting their first child.

Being the media saavy family that they are, they decided to take the opportunity to find out the sex of their  baby on national television – The Today Show.

When they had their ultra sound and the doctor determined if it was a boy or a girl, she gave the information to a bakery that the couple had supplied them with.  The bakery made this really cute baby-themed cake – although it was super unisex.   But when the cut into it, the bakery used either pink icing or blue icing in between the layers and that was based on the information the doctor gave them.

So, the couple was on The Today Show and when they cut into the cake, they found pink icing – they were having a girl! 

Even then, L commented on how cool he thought that was.  I agree, I think it is totally an adorable idea and I do like his idea of having some sort of party with family to announce the sex.  (One day.  Not any time soon.)

But then when he brought it up again, weeks later.  It just surprised me.  Not that I didn’t love it.  I love that he thinks that way, it just sort of surprised me a little.

He’s such a cutie.  I think I’ll keep him around for a while more. 😉