I’ve got a question for you.  A preppy question.  I like to consider myself a preppy person.  I love the clean, classic look.  The lovely color combinations and all that jazz.  I don’t necessarily have as many preppy items as I would like, because let’s face it, that stuff is expensive.  But I try.  So I consider myself knowledgable in the preppy world, but there’s something that I just don’t get.

What’s up with the skull and cross bones, people?

I swear that there used to only be a few spots that you saw this. 
1- Halloween related things
2- When walking by the scary Hot Topic store at a mall
and if I’m going to try and be comprehensive…
3- One of Chi Omega’s symbols (I never did get my freshman yr roommate to tell me about that)

But now I see it everywhere.  In preppy spots.  And I just don’t understand it.  Personally, I think it’s a little strange.  But to each their own.

Honestly though.  Why is this preppy all of a sudden?  Or has it been preppy for ages and I’m just not as with it as I thought?

I asked L this the other day when we were walking through Marshall’s and I saw this cute pillow from afar.  When I got closer, I realized that the pink pattern was really a skull and cross bones.  I was really just talking outloud though.  I knew he wouldn’t know.  A nice dresser and very put together, but preppy knowledge he does not have.  But he really loves the VV turtle tie I bought him. 🙂


I was reading TheNortherner today (for the first time – I randomly found her through NotSo Jenny) and saw her posting about Boatman Geller.  Dear Lord do they have cute stuff.  And the sale prices.  Oh, the sale prices!

As I was perusing through (not my first visit there, but it has been awhile) and casually adding things from the tent sale to my shopping cart (which I may or may  not have purchased.  Hint, go with the former.), I saw it again.

Skull notepad by Boatman Geller

It’s taking over the world.  Ok.  Maybe that’s a bit drastic.  But it’s everywhere.  Maybe I’ve just never noticed it before.  Who knows, perhaps this note pad has been a design on BG since it’s inception and it just never popped out.  But now?  Now I see it everywhere.