On New Year’s Eve L and I were at his friend’s house for the night.    One of their other friends brought a new girl that he had been seeing.  I chatted with New Girl sporadically throughout the night and she seemed cool.  Much better than some of the girls Friend has brought around. (we’ll refer to them as New Girl and Friend for the purposes of this post)

And since then, he’s brought her around more.  This never happens.  You rarely see the same girl twice.  But I’m glad for him.  And she’s a nice girl (although I must be honest, she sort of comes off as an airhead every now and then, but not too bad 🙂 ).

Last month the volunteer FD was having a cookout.  Just an opportunity for eveyone, including family, to hang out, relax, etc.  And there she was again.  The four of us played cornhole together, and when the guys got paged for a call, she and I continued to chat.  That’s when she mentioned that one of her best friends lives across the street from L and I.

Such a small world.  We don’t really know those neighbors at all.  L talks with the guy every now and then if they’re both working in the yards at the same time and we always wave when we’re on our way in or out.  They seem very nice.  Probably only a couple of years older than me (nice, considering most of our neighbors are elderly).

When I saw the New Girl again recently, she mentioned that her and Friend had gone out with our neighbors and that our neighbors mentioned that we should all go out together one day to get to know each other.

Sounded good to me. 

Late Monday night I signed into my email and noticed that our neighbor had ‘friended’ me on Facebook, and that she had also sent me a message.

Before I read it, I just assumed that it would be something along the lines of ‘hey this is your neighbor across the street’ since the only reason I actually know her name is because New Girl mentioned it.

Instead, I saw this long message from her.  Yes, she mentioned that she lived across the street and that we should all go to dinner one night.  But she also gave me her cell and home number.  Her husband is out of town Monday through Thursday every week for work and she is there alone.  She thought it would be a good idea to get some neighbors’ numbers.  She asked for mine too and told me not to hesitate to call if I/we ever need anything.

I was happy to oblige.  Pretty much the only people I know in town work with L, and coincidentally, they all work on the same schedule.  So if he’s not home, neither are they.

I hate being at home by myself.  I just get really paranoid that someone is going to break into the house or something.  It’s been a little better since we’ve gotten the puppies, but I still get nervous.  I’ve always been like this though.  At my parent’s house, in my dorms, in my apartments.  Always.

One of my dorms in college was a suite.  It was set up so that when you opened the door off the main hallway you walked into our living room.  Then there were two more doors leading to each bedroom.  When I was alone, mostly on weekends when the dorms were partially empty anyway, I would lock myself in my bedroom past a certain time.  Even though the main door was locked.  I did the same at the apartments I lived in too.  I can’t help it.

Something made me nervous about the neighbor’s message though.  After she gave me her number, she told me she had had a scare earlier in the evening and that she had called 911.

I did NOT like that.  Earlier the puppies had been at one of the windows barking a lot.  Their mean barks.  I didn’t think much of it though.  I didn’t hear anything and I just figured it was another neighbor walking a dog that for some reason the puppies don’t like.

Before that, I had been outside with them and when I was walking in, a car drove into the neighborhood rather quickly, blaring music with the bass all the way up.  They stopped at the house next to this new friendly neighbor.  I went to a window where I could watch them, and as they drove out, they drove very slowly.  That actually made me a little nervous.  But surely.  If you’re going to do something bad, you’re not going to come into the neighborhood with your stereo blaring.

I don’t know what happened that made her call 911.  I don’t even know if the police drove by (I can’t see out any windows facing that direction from the living room).  I do know that one of her friends wrote on her wall the next day saying she hoped everything was ok and to ‘lock up  tight.’

Our neighborhood is fine.  But there are some not so nice houses outside of our neighborhood and that’s what makes me more nervous.

I am glad, though, that I have her number now.  Someone close by.  Someone friendly.  And someone in the same situtation as me – being alone at night a lot of the time.