Once my phone interview was underway the other day, it went well.  But it sure didn’t start off that way.

It was scheduled for 4:30.  So I left work a little early and was going to find a parking lot to sit it while I had the interview.  L called me as I was about to walk out of the office and I told him I’d call him right back.  When I got outside and dialed his number it did not ring.  I got a recording, but it wasn’t the usual “Please wait while we attempt to locate the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach” (which, by the way, I really hate that damn recording).

Instead, I got, “Your call could not be completed.  DO NOT HANG UP.  Your call has been intentionally redirected to the Verizon Wireless Account Deparment.  Please enter you account pin code.”


I have no idea what the account pin code is.  I tried my voicemail number.  Nope.  I tried the only other four digit number I could think it might be.  Wrong again.

I hung up and tried again.  Same thing.  I called L from my blackberry and told him to try calling me on my cell phone to see if he could get through.  It never dawned on me to just try and call it myself from my blackberry.  I waited a few minutes and didn’t hear back from him.  I called him back and he said he got a message saying my number was disconnected and then for some reason couldn’t get through to my bb.


I figured my mom had forgotten to pay the bill (don’t judge me that I don’t pay for my phone).  But she was on her way home from work, so she couldn’t pay it, and even so, how quickly can they turn it back on?  As I’m freaking out, the clock is inching to 4:15 already.  I’m talking to L on my bb, as he’s trying to look up the number of the guy who would be calling me.  I wanted to call them and give them my bb number to call.  But, since it has such shitty service, L could barely hear me.  I was trying to drive around to find a better spot and at the same time was getting frustrated that he couldn’t hear me.  And pissed that this was happeneing.

Why is this happening now??

I finally get to a spot where he says he can hear me.  I get the number of the assistant of the guy, call her and leave her a voicemail saying I’m so sorry I’m calling so late, but my phone died and I didn’t realize it, please call my bb, here is the number.

It was 4:25 when I left this voicemail. 

What is this man going to think if he doesn’t get the message and calls my phone and gets a disconnected message?  Wow, that’s going to make me look AWESOME.

I call L back so he can get the man’s email address out of my email and send him a note for me telling him about the new number.  As he’s logging in, my cell phone rings.


It’s my mom.  “Oh my God, it worked! I didn’t know what happened.  I didn’t know it was late.  I called to tell you something quick and got the disconnected message and sped home and begged the woman to let me pay the bill even though I didn’t know the account pass code (we really need to figure that one out).  I’ve been calling for 5 minutes to see if it worked again yet.”

I hung up with her and L.  Moments later my bb rings.  It was the guy.  He HAD gotten the message.  Except the only thing was, now I had a crappy connection (even though I had been parked in one spot since L told me he could hear me fine) and the man couldn’t hear me.  He said he would hang up and call back.


“I’ll call you back if it’s alright,” I said. 

And so I did.  From my cell phone.  With perfect service.

The interview went well.  It lasted about 30 minutes.  It’s more than just an ‘assistant’ position.  You actually need to do research for him and come up with opinions and propositions and coordinate events.  Everything that I do now and have done in the past.  At one point I just wanted to say, look, I’m perfect for this job.  Please hire me.

He says that once he’s done with phone interviews he’ll be bringing people in for an on-campus interview.

I knew we were at the end of the call, and then he says, “I see a lot of great things,  but there’s something in your cover letter I’d like to ask you about.”

What the hell could be in there that concerns him.

“I see your salary history and requirements (they asked you to include them), and I want to know if that’s a dealbreaker for you.  Because, being an institution of higher education, we don’t pay as much as corporate companies.  We do have a great benefits package though.”


I told him that it would really depend and I would love the opportunity to come in and talk with him about it further.  That perhaps the benefits would be great and even though my gross pay may be less, my take home might be more if they cover more health insurance, for example.  This is a lie.  My company pays 100% of my health insurance.  And I’m pretty sure this new job wouldn’t.

But, I also fudged my salary history a little.  So perhaps it’s closer to what I actually make.  He told me he expected to let second round candidates know by early next week.  I was pretty sure he wouldn’t have brought that up if he wasn’t at least thinking about bringing me in for round two.

I got an email from him this morning asking me to come in for a second interview!!!

He anticipates it will take four hours.  Yes, I said FOUR. HOURS.

Holy shit.  That’s a half day of work!

I’m thinking maybe he wants to do a run through with his current assistant or something to make sure I can do all the things I say I can do.  Also, on the phone he told me if I was brought in for a second interview, I would have the opportunity to speak with HR to go over benefits in detail, so perhaps that’s included in the four hours.

So, fingers crossed that 1- I get it and 2-it pays enough for me to accept it.

Because really.  They are closed the entire week of Christmas.  And that compressed work week from Memorial Day to August 1 when you only work Monday through Thursday is really appealing.

In other news… there were three layoffs at my office yesterday (and there are only about 20 employees to start with).  The president says they are temporary and hopes to bring those people back (doubt it).  But also, that there is no “hidden hatchet” (his words, not mine) and everyone in the room was safe.

I expected one, but not three.

Also, Shep has to go to the doggy opthamologist today (because apparently such a person exists).  I’ll recap the visit tomorrow and elaborate on why (not that it’s exciting).  L is taking him at 1:30.  Cross your fingers for him.