As I write this it is 9:37 a.m.  At about this time exactly one year ago today, L and I were sitting on the living room floor in a complete stranger’s house.  With four little puppies scurrying and tumbling about.

We had to choose between two black puppies and two yellow puppies.  And let me tell you, it was a tough decision.  Dixie pretty much chose us though.  Well, she pretty much chose L.  The entire time we were there (over an hour was spent just trying to choose) she kept running and jumping in his lap.

Kind of like, “hey, I’m cute!  Take me home! Take me home!”

Shep spent a lot of the time walking around the perimeter of the room.  And hiding underneath a chair.  And peeing there.  I should have taken that as a sign.  He was the biggest one in the litter, and just so darn cute.  The breeders referred to him as “Bull” because he looked like a little Angus bull.

It was a long drive home from Georgia – about 8 hours – but we had our new little baby dogs with us. 

Shep whined and farted to entire way home.  I should have taken that as a sign too.

We love our puppies so much.  And yes, we will probably still refer to them as our puppies when they are 10 years old.

Sometimes they are bad.  Like when they eat eight pairs of your flip flops.  Or destroy your whicker chair.  Or chew up the speaker mic on two of L’s radios for work. 

They are also bad when it takes them just about a year to be housebroken (expect I’m pretty sure Shep pooped in the house and ate it the other day.  He does that.).  And when they chew a hole in your $100 quilt.  And when they chew through several power cords for your laptop.  And when they eat the wall.  And eat the window sill.

Oh, and when they chew apart L’s hats.  And destroy pieces of paper that are nostalgic to us.

But then they make up for it when they sit there and cuddle with you.  And do silly things when they’re playing with each other.  And impress and surprise you when you say they can’t do something and then they do it on the first try.



I love our family!