There is a Super Target about 5 minutes from my office.  I’ve yet to determine if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I have a tendency to spend, oh, just about every lunch break there.  Sometimes I go in to grab something I quick I need, or to do some more extensive grocery shopping, other times I go in just to look.  However, that looking thing?  Doesn’t really work out so well.  Unfortunately I’ve never been super good at window shopping, and I’m a sucker for sales and dollar sections.

Today I ran in just to get some english muffins to have for breakfast.  That’s it, nothing else.  I would then return to work and have a can of soup for lunch that I had at my desk.  Needless to say, things didn’t go exactly as planned.  And I made some other observations while there.

– I really need to start going in the door at the other end of the store, rather than the one on the grocery side (even though that’s why I’m usually there).  I did not go straight to the english muffin aisle.  The aroma of the chicken fingers in the deli section overtook me.  And just as quickly as those automatic doors slid open, the thought of my Progresso soup for lunch flew from my head and I was picking up a container of warm chicken fingers.  Yumm.

-If I was going to blow my attempt at eating good with the chicken fingers, I might as well really blow it and get the 3 toll house cookie pack for $.99.  They too are soo yummy.

– Apparently cinnamon and raisins are quite pricey.  The cinnamon raisin english muffins were a whole dollar more than the plain ones.  Did I opt for the plain ones because my checking account is dangerously low and every penny counts?  No, the cinnamon raisin ones were too tempting.

-I walked through the home section quickly and by where they have framed pictures.  And in that same aisle were full length mirrors leaning up against the wall at the perfect angle.  I looked so. damn. skinny.  I could have stood there all day long.  Too bad it was all an illusion.

-I eventually made my way to the check out lane.  Per the usual as of late all the lines are sooo long.  Open some more registers – or at least an express lane!  I went to get in one line that was reasonably short.  Then I noticed the cashier standing there leaning against the register waiting for a manager to come over.  Hmm, seems she was the same one waiting for a manager yesterday.  I chose a different line.

– I didn’t feel like going back to the office just yet, so I sat in the parking lot and ate my chicken fingers there.  Well, actually, first I drove to a different section of the shopping center that wasn’t as crowded.  I feel better about doing it then.  Not sure why, it seems as though my lonely car would stick out more there.  Whatever.  As I opened my box of chicken fingers and began eating I was disappointed.  The breading wasn’t as crunchy as usual.  And, in fact, some of it was mushy and not fried all the way.  Still tasty, but not exactly worth they money or the splurge.

-Later on back at the office, I indulged in my cookies.  I took the first one out and it nearly broke it half it was so soft.  Not exactly baked completely.  Which is fine by me because I almost prefer them that way, but that’s unusual for a store to sell like that.  I think the Target kitchen was a little off today.

All in all though, it was another typical trip to Target where I went in needing to spend $3 and came out spending $10.  That adds up after awhile.  And this was a completely lame post… Oh well.