The college I went to does not have a football team, but for quite some time there have been many people trying to change that.  There was a Football Feasability committee who did a study and made their reccomendation back in the spring, I believe.  Then, in September, the Chancellor made his reccomendation.  A reccomendation that the school should proceed with a football program.  Next, the Board of Trustees had to vote.

And that vote was this morning. 

Many people were expecting them to vote for the Chancellor’s reccomendation, but you just couldn’t bet on that.  All morning I have been stalking the news sites for the results.

And here it is, in all it’s glory:

UNCC approves football program

12:11 PM EST on Thursday, November 13, 2008

By NewsChannel 36 Staff
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte could soon have a football team — if the school can raise enough money.

After 21 months of deliberations and research, the school’s board of trustees voted Thursday to move forward with starting a program. They hope to begin play in the lower-tier Football Championship Subdivision by 2013.

“This is about what UNC Charlotte will be like in 20 years,” said university Chancellor Dubois.

The school must raise nearly $45 million to pay for coaches and scholarships, and to build a 12,000-seat on-campus stadium.

The university says it has already sold more than 4,000 PSL, or personal seats licenses, which is more than 80 percent of its goal.

The board voted unanimously to begin the process of starting a team. The goal is to eventually move to the Division I’s highest tier of play.

With more than 22,000 students, Charlotte is one of the largest schools in the nation without a football team.

Money, as you can imagine, is a huge factor in this whole thing.  When the Chancellor made his recomendation, he said that to raise money, the Athletics Department should sell seat licenses. at $1000 per license, he wanted to have 5000 sold within 6 months of the Trustees vote (should they vote to approve the program, obviously).  They began taking reservations immeditately.  And as of yesterday, more than 4,100 licenses had been reserved.

And you better believe that my and L’s name is on that list.

Now, I’m sure they will begin to collect the money for them.

I am so freaking excited, I can’t even take it.  This will surely build the school spirit and student life on campus.  Although, I wish that had been the case when I attended, it’s still so worth it.