I swear.  There is so much b.s. going on in my office that it’s not even funny.  Last week, I was accused not once, but on two different occasions that I did not have my news releases proofread before they were sent to the media.  This is not true.  Each release had been proofed by two other people and approved by our president for distribution to the media.  Lovely.  Some people are sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be.  More on that later.

This morning, the president got all heated up and was on our traffic manager’s case because he hasn’t been updated on the status of a web site we are developing for a client.  Uh, yeah you have buddy.  Yesterday as I was walking into his office our interactive director was walking out.  He said, “I was just telling [the president] about our [name of web site] meeting and giving him an update.”  We were all standing in the president’s office at this time.  Then after my  meeting with him, I said, “oh, not sure if [our interactive director] told you, but I’ve already contacted [the client] to set up a meeting for next week to discuss our progress with him.”  To which he replied, “that’s great!”

So, yes crazy man, you DO know the status of the project.

Moving on.  We are creating an even larger web site for another client.  This one is easily over $100k.  This client is a local city and I am proofing the copy for the police department’s section of the site.  It is 35 pages.  Seriously, I’m not making that up.  Joy.

I go to reach for my AP Stylebook to check something and it’s not in its usual spot, then I remember getting this email from our VP of Creative Services yesterday:


From: VP
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 3:56 PM
To: My Colleague; Kris [DanceintheRain]
Subject: AP style book


Do either of you have an AP Style Book I can borrow?


Vice President – Creative Services


Not a problem, I picked up the book and brought it over to her.  Her reply?  “Thanks.”  That’s it.  So today, I walk over to her office and ask if she has my book.  “Oh, I brought it home.  My husband needed to borrow it for a few days [ed. note: he does something with the media too], but I can bring it back whenever you need it.  Do we have another copy here?”

Sigh.  Sure I can borrow someone else’s.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that she made NO REFERENCE to taking it home.  Let alone taking it home for a few days.  Seriously?  What is wrong with these people?  And, it’s also not a big deal if she wanted to borrow it for a few days, if she had MENTIONED it!!!!  If she did, I would have suggested someone else’s.  Someone else who doesn’t proof as much stuff as I do.  Sigh.

Back to my 35 pages.  And, to leave you with something that will potentially make you laugh.  Perhaps we should have just written the copy ourselves.  Because I have 35 pages of sentences like this to edit:

“The fourth patch was developed after the still relatively new city developed their first city seal.  The patch was developed usiing the new city seal as the center of the patch.”