I’ve yet to do the popular “100 Things About Me” list.  And I thought maybe I would do it for my 100th post.  And then I posted something else.  So, here are 103 things about me for my 103rd post.

1. I am an only child.

2. I have spent my entire life trying to convince people that this does not automatically mean that I am spoiled.

3. I do, however, like to get my way.

4. I have an on-going battle between the love for my preppy New England roots and my desire to be a preppy Southern girl.

5. I don’t have an accent. Yankee or otherwise.

6. L, the boyfriend, does not agree with #5. Sometimes if we are in a “very Southern” or “country” place, he says I’m not allowed to talk. He’s kidding. Sort of.

7. If I could go back in time, I would want all 4 years of my college experience to be like the last two.

8. But if I could really go back in time, I would have chosen a different school. Somewhere with a football team and a lot of school spirit. And really Southern. With a large Greek community.

9. I was in a sorority in college. I loved it. And still do.

10. If something is pink and green, I will want it. This is largely due to # 9.

11. I loved pink and green before I had even heard of the sorority I eventually joined.

12. I have a small pink tattoo of my sorority’s mascot on my back, right hip.

13. I didn’t get it until after I graduated from college.

14. My mother said it felt like I punched her in the stomach. She doesn’t like tattoos.

15. L is the first person I have ever seriously dated.

16. Apparently people took my shyness as being bitchy and stuck up.

17. That’s my excuse anyway.

18. L and I started talking about marriage after dating only 7 months.

19. I moved in after 10 months.

20. He is the love of my life and I don’t know what I would ever do without him. He’s the only one that could ever put up with all of my shit.

21. We have two lab puppies. Shep and Dixie.

22. We treat them like children.

23. They are currently eating us out of house and home.

24. I have grown up with animals all my life and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

25. I was a vegetarian for almost two years.

26. It started because I was all crazy animal rights activist girl and my cousin told me I was a hypocrite because I ate meat. So I stopped that day.

27. Then I broke down at a restaurant one night because the chicken my mom had smelled SOOO good.

28. I’ve never looked back.

29. Steak is my favorite meal.

30. Followed closely by L’s amazing cheeseburgers.

31. I don’t think he believes me when I tell him I used to be a vegetarian.

32. I danced for 15 years.

33. I was good, but definitely not really good. I loved it so much and miss it dearly.

34. I love “So You Think You Can Dance”

35. My groups of friends have names for each other. And t-shirts.

36. Friends from high school: The Flavas

37. Friends from college: FKC

38. I only have one friend from college that was not in my sorority. One of my college roommates. I don’t know where I would be without her.

39. At my first job out of school, my colleagues were shocked if I would walk in to work and not have something pink on.

40. I often got many compliments on the way to work for matching my travel mug to my jacket and sneakers.

41. This wasn’t planned. I just buy a lot of things that are pink.

42. Yes, my sneakers are pink.

43. I decided to take up golf a couple summers ago and took some lessons.

44. I wasn’t bad considering I had never picked up a club before.

45. I spent more money on my golf bag than I did on my clubs.

46. I didn’t practice enough and didn’t practice at all once I moved to NC. I’m really bad now.

47. L says that he doesn’t count the time he and I played a Par 3.

48. It’s that bad.

49. I cannot leave the house without making the bed in the morning.

50. I will have a bad day if I do.

51. I hate my job, but I have no idea what I would actually like to do.

52. This is probably because I have no desire to work whatsoever.

53. My ideal life would be to get married and quit my job.

54. This is not to say that I would sit around all day and be a bum.

55. I would like to volunteer with different organizations in my community.

56. And at school once I have kids.

57. I am dating my best friend.

58. Sometimes he and I have so many things in common it is scary.

59. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.

60. I really like the 40s and 50s. Or the Scarlett O’Hara days.

61. In 3rd grade I was an “old fashioned woman” for Halloween.

62. Sometimes I wish I was raised in the South. In a really cute, small town.

63. And sometimes I have the desire to move to a small Southern town in the middle of nowhere right now.

64. Then I remember that I like to go to the bar occasionally.

65. And prefer my daily trips to Target to be no more than 15 minutes away.

66. I am your typical girl who used to hate beer and now that’s pretty much all I drink.

67. I LOVE cupcakes.

68. At 22, I collapsed to the floor in the mall, a sobbing mess, when my mom called to tell me they were going to have to put my dog to sleep.

69. I am convinced that my childhood cat haunts my parent’s house.

70. If I won the lottery, the very first thing I would do was pay off my student loans.

71. Quickly followed by the rest of my debts.

72. L says that he is my “pseudo credit card”

73. This is not true.

74. Ok, well, maybe a little bit true.

75. I have always prided myself on my sense of direction.

76. Then I moved to Charlotte and have been lost ever since.

77. I think it is ridiculous that the city goes in a circle and that there are multiple intersections where all the street signs are the same name.

78. L knows his way around very well though.

79. I call him Mr. Mapquest. But he prefers Rand McNally.

80. I passed out in the middle of a Rush party on the last night when I was going through.

81. I did not get a bid from that sorority.

82. I still sleep with a stuffed animal.

83. I have had it since my first birthday.

84. When I was little and we would go on vacation, I would make a tag out of posterboard and tie it around his neck with a note saying ‘If lost, please mail back to [my address]. My owner loves me a lot. She will send you the postage money.’ And when we were at hotels, I would put him in the room safe so the cleaning ladies wouldn’t steal him.

85. It is not unusual for me to sit down in the shower.

86. I have even fallen asleep once or twice.

87. One time my freshmen year of college I took 6 showers in one day.

88. I take showers when I am sad or depressed.

89. I pick my wine out by how pretty the label, bottle or name is.

90. I have had some pretty bad wines because of this.

91. I have a tendency to be very quiet around people I don’t know. Especially if it is someone else’s friends.

92. I have struggled with my self-image my entire life. I have never been over weight, but I have rarely been happy with the way I look.

93. I wish my hair was the same blonde color it was when I was 3.

94. I can no longer afford to fake it.

95. I live beyond my financial means. No matter how hard I try not to.

96. I create handwritten spreadsheets for how I am going to save money for different items/events.

97. My mom and L say that these spreadsheets make their heads spin.

98. Looking back, I had a slight OCD problem when I was in middle school.

99. I think crayons and coloring books are highly underrated.

100. I think swings on a playground are underrated too.

101.I hate that I live 3 hours from the coast now. My favorite thing is to walk on the beach.

102.I used to be “tan-orexic” in the summers. Now I have come to the realization that the fluorescent lights in my office will not tan me.

103.I started blogging because I was bored at work one day.