So, I’m not really sure what my deal has been lately and why I haven’t been posting.  I’ve been exhausted for some reason.  L had training for 10 days straight, including the weekend, which left me to take care of the puppies and try and help him with his laundry and other miscellaneous things.  The 8am – 8 or 9pm training everyday left the poor lad a little tired each night.

Then work has been a little less than stellar.  Busy, but not the good kind of busy.  Busy trying to fix people’s mistakes while trying to make it look like I like my job and that I care.  Which I don’t.  Well, I do.  I care about my reputation and that my client gets what they are expecting and something that will get them what they are looking for.  But it’s hard to have a great amount of enthusiasm when I don’t feel as though I’m being compensated fairly.

Which leads into my next issue of feeling completely helpless when it comes to my finances.  I feel like I can never get ahead, no matter how much I try.  And my parents help when they can, but they are really not in a position to dig me out.

L and I are going to Atlanta this weekend for the wedding that I’ve been dress hunting for.  My parents are flying down Friday morning and are taking care of the hotel for Friday night and Saturday night and will take us to dinner, etc.  But L and I are going down Thursday morning to go to a Braves game.  It should not take me 4-5 weeks to save up for half of a hotel room (that we got at a discount because of a friend) and for food for one day/night.  Oh.  And gas.  Which, yes, gas is ridiculously expensive, but it’s really only a tank there and a tank back in my car.  And L and I will split it.

Anyway, I digress.  I’m just going to depress myself anymore.

This weekend was good.  Friday afternoon L met me up near work/near where I used to live to bring me the dress I ordered.  Back story:  after you guys voted, I ordered it in a size I knew was probably going to be too small, but they didn’t have either of the two sizes I would normally order and I figured given that I normally order a larger size for pants and dresses that are tight on my hips, this might work.  It didn’t.  But I LOVED the dress.  So I ordered it in the size I knew would be too big.  And had it overnighted.  It came Friday and I had L bring it up to me so I could have it altered.  I didn’t want to waste a day and wait till Saturday to bring it since I basicallly need it by Tuesday afternoon.

So, he brought it and we had dinner and drinks and then went home and hung out.  Saturday he had training (different from the 10 day training which ended with a half day on Friday) till noon.  Then we went to lunch with the intentions of just running to Target.  When he decided he wanted to go look at surround sound at Best Buy for the TV.  Again.  Oy.  While we were there, he started talking about the Xbox 360 he wants to replace his that broke.  Oh, and that I want RockBand.  Really badly.  He ended up buying the 360.  And Rockband.  Yeah! 

We’ve been looking for a Wii since December when E got her boyfriend one for Christmas.  But we’re always missing them by like a few hours.  Best Buy was out (surprise) and I was giving up hope.

We finally ended up at Target and when we were walking out, L said, let’s just give Game Stop a try since it’s next door.  Maybe we can at least find out when their next shipment might come.

L: Silly question, you guys don’t have any Wiis in stock, do you?
GameStop Guy (GSG): Sorry man, we had a few this morning which is rare for them to hold over to the weekend, let me check some other stores.

He looked in the computer and saw a couple stores had them, but wasn’t sure the system had been updated since it listed this store as having them when they didn’t.

The first two stores, indeed, were out.  He started to call a third store and L told him not to bother, it was OK.  The guy insisted since it was just a phone call.  Which I think is great customer service since sometimes people just don’t care.

GSG: I see you guys listed in the directory as having Wiis, you don’t have any left, right?
Person on phone talks.
GSG: You do?!

L and I light up in excitement willing him to get off the phone fast so he can tell us where the store is.

We sort of know – it’s about 15-20 minutes away.  We rush and get there.  The Wii display box still has an “in stock” sign pasted to it.

One employee was ringing up these two young kids that kept chatting away with him.  The second employee was talking with an older couple about Wii games and accessories.  L stood in line while I semi-stalked to the lady talking about the Wiis – hoping that those people weren’t in there to buy the last one.  I hear the guy say to her, “I think I’ll just take the system today.”


The two kids are still ringing up.  Meanwhile two other girls walked in and are stalking with me.  The salesperson walks over to the counter with the couple and starts ringing them up.  I go stand with L, confident at least that the two new people won’t get to either employee before us.  The kids are finally done purchasing and the guy asks how he can help us.

“We hear you have Wiis in stock.”

“I have two more”


Then then the two girls say that they’ll take the last one.

Holy shit.  We got one.  We actually got one.  I have been waiting for months!

So we get it and an extra controller, nunchuck, steering wheel and gun.  And Mario Kart.  Heck yeah.

In one day, L bought the Xbox, Rockband and a Wii.  Must be nice to get a decent tax refund.  Although, I have put myself on a payment plan to pay for half of the Wii and half of Rockband.

We went home and set it up and even skipped out on a night of drinks and live music with friends to play.  We’re not lame, I swear.  Just excited.

L worked yesterday, so I spent some time playing and had a grand time.

And now my arms are sore from Wii boxing. Haha.

Our New Toys 🙂

 I was trying to post pictures of the puppies, but all of a sudden WordPress is being dumb and I don’t have time to mess with it.  Tomorrow, I promise. 🙂