OK, readers.  I told you last time about my dress debacle.  I spent the weekend visiting Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, White House/Black Market and came up with hardly anything.  The stores don’t seem to have as much in stock as they do on their web sites.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a cute, black cocktail dress?  Or, should I say, a cute, black cocktail dress under $200!

I am definitely not wearing the one I ordered and got.  I was thinking about wearing it anyway if I couldn’t find anything else even though I wasn’t crazy about it.  Then I tried it on for L.  He told me I looked like a little girl.  I immediately took it off and packed it up to ship it back.

I have found two other dresses.  I am reluctant to order for fear that I may run into the same problem, but I’m going to try anyway.  If the one I choose doesn’t work, I’ll borrow something from E or LM – but I’d really rather have my own.  I’m weird like that sometimes.

Anyway.  Here are the two choices.  What do you think?

It looks better with the sash tied in a bow.  It has a high back, which is the only thing I’m not thrilled about, but I think I could live with it. (From Macys.com)

I like this.  It might be too open for me in the front, but I’m pretty handy with a safety pin.  All those years of dance competitions!  (From Nordstrom.com)

Now, VOTE!!