I’m all for the digital age.  I love my email and see it as an excellent way of communicating.  I don’t even mind automated calls.  Unless they’re ridiculous.  And you have to answer the same question 97 times.  And you can hardly ever get to a live person.

Here’s the thing.  I have a very good friend from high school who is in the Marines.  He was supposed to be done with his committment in the middle of January and return home to Connecticut.  But none of us (and by “us,” I mean my high school friends, the Flavas) have heard from him since November.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  The first was when he was sent over to Iraq (he’s stationed here in the U.S.), but was not allowed to tell anyone, not even his family, before he left.  The second was when he was back in the U.S. and his “group leader” (or something, I don’t know what they’re really called) made an example out of him when he made an error and his punishment kept him so busy, he didn’t have time to call or email.

All these times though, his dad has always let us know what was going on.  It started when he was in boot camp and he got everyone’s email addresses so he could forward any emails Adam sent to him to the rest of us.  So we’d always be updated.

When we wouldn’t hear from Adam, I would email his dad to see if he knew anything.  And we kept in contact here and there over the years.

So when none of us had heard from him lately, we were worried.  It’s possible that he has been sent back over for a third tour, but no one knows for sure.  But, if he were home, there is no way that he wouldn’t answer at least one text message.  Or phone call.  Or email. 

Because, between the four of us.  God knows we’ve sent enough!

I told the girls I would email his dad to see what was going on.  But when I went to my contact list, his address wasn’t there.  I had always sent messages from my work email at my last agency, but I thought I had talked to him after that.  Or saved his address in my personal email.  But alas.  It is nowhere.  Not even an old email.

I had an idea!  I knew where he worked.  I would call his office and see if I could get his work email.  I hate to bother his family at home if it’s not necessary.  And so I googled his name and company to find the phone number.

Well, the thing is.  He’s a doctor, but has since left practicing medicine and is some sort of director for a health insurance company now.  I know his title.  I know where he works.  But can I get in touch with a live person?


I have tried so many different phone numbers, but come up with nothing.  I finally called the customer service line, where I had to “press 1 if you’re a member, press 2 if you’re a provider calling about a member…”.  Even after I pressed 1, they asked me the same question in the next menu.  The same. exact. question.

Finally.  I get through to a customer service rep who asks for my member ID.  Well, lady.  I’m not a member, but you’re the first live person I could get through to.  Ok, I was a little nicer than that…

I explained to her that I was hoping she would be able to provide me with a little direction.  I needed contact information for one of their directors, but she was the only person I could get.  Does she have a number for a receptionist or HR person?

She puts me on hold.  Sounded kind of skeptical about me.  When she came back, she told me to call the main office line.  I sigh to myself and roll my eyes.  I’ve already called this number.

But as she gives it to me, I reference my piece of paper that has the other 47 numbers I found and called.  It didn’t match any of them. 

I had hope.  I thanked her and hung up, ready to dial and get the info.

Ring, ring, ring… “thank you for calling XX, if you are a member, press 1…”

Oh for the love of God!

Looks like I’ll be calling their house.