So, on Tuesday I was slammed at work and was out of the office yesterday.  I manged to get out of the office at 5 on Tuesday and go home to the puppies.  They were a-ok (I’ll get to the potential problem in a moment), they ate, went out, we played, then I worked on the part of the proposal that I had to write.  It was hard to focus and get it finished, but I did.  Awesome.  Then I caught up on my Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes.  This is my new favorite show.

This was the potential problem with Shep and Dixie.  On Monday, L had brought home some bones leftover from their t-bone steak dinner at work the night before.  He figured that the puppies would enjoy chewing on the extra meat, etc.   And they were a good size, so they weren’t too small.  He calls me on my way home and says he is going to give the bones to them before their dinner.  About 10 minutes later he calls me back to tell me he things Dixie ate hers. 

Holy crap!  That is bad.  Like, really, really bad.  For the next 45 minutes of my drive home, he calls  me every little bit.  He has searched high and low for this bone and can NOT find it ANYWHERE.  The only place it can be is if it somehow slipped down into the AC/heating vent.  (Later, when I get home, he tried to get into the duct, but couldn’t.  We shine a flashlight.  That could be grease from the bone down there.  L is able to remove the vent cover and we lower a video camera – serisously, it was like looking for Baby Jessica – down there.  We find nothing) 

He never heard her coughing or choking and she was playing and running like normal.  Still, where could it have gone.  Our vet was already closed so he called the emergency 24 hour vet.  They were no help.  Basically told him it was up to us if we wanted to bring her in.  Not to feed her if we were going to bring her, feed her a little if we weren’t going to feed her, but really, they wouldn’t reccomend feeding her either way.  WTF?  So we’re going to figure out what we’ll do when I get home.

Both of them seem completely fine, but it’s still scary.  Neither one of us will be home with them the next day to watch them.  What if something happens then? 

He calls a different emergency vet and gets a similar response, except they tell us to go ahead and feed her and see if she’s interested in food.  So we do.  And they both gobble it up like there is no tomorrow.

We watch both of them carefully the rest of the night, still deciding if we should take them in or not.  We decide not to, because they seem fine.  And when I got home from work Tuesday night, they were their same over excited selves.  We’re OK, I think.

Yesterday was my birthday.  L came home from work yesterday morning with a dozen pink roses and a card.  They were beautiful.  He had to call 5 different florists to find pink ones.  I love him for that.  We ran some errands and he took me to buy my birthday present because he wanted me to pick it out.  I had no idea what it was going to be. 

We go to BestBuy to supposedly look at surround sound systems for the new TV he bought a few weeks ago.  Turns out, we actually went to look at cameras because he says I need a new one.  I didn’t know what to say.  Yes, mine has its moments when it aggrevates me and doesn’t cooperate, but I think it’s OK.  Plus, I didn’t want him to spend so much money on something without me researching it.  If I picked it out then, I would be basing it on how cute it was (!) and I now realize, after the purchase of my current camera, that that isn’t the best idea. 

He was really disappointed when we left that he didn’t pick out a “good enough” gift.  I tried to explain to him over and over that that wasn’t it at all.  We’re going to research them together and then he’ll buy me one.  🙂

He took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Oh God, it was good.  I had to get my cheesecake to go though.  Which I promptly enjoyed 40 minutes after we left the restaurant.

I didn’t sleep well last night.  I don’t know why.  I swear, I think I woke up every hour.  I’m exhausted today and really did not want to come to work – even though there are only two days left.

But by request and just for fun… here are some newer pictures of Shep and Dixie!


A new pre-rinse method?  This will have to change before the door gets bent!


 Dixie loves the mirror


“Mom, I do not care if I am supposed to be a water dog – I did not like this bath!”


Sending the video camera into the heating/AC duct to look for the missing bone


Dixie is ready to go to work!